Molecular Frontiers Foundation, The ROYAL Swedish Academy of Sciences Present:

Planet Earth:

A Scientific Journey

Planet Earth: A Scientific Journey

Symposium Chairs:
Professor Bengt Nordén
Dr Lorie Karnath

The symposium will focus on a subject of crucial importance to all, the planet that we live on. The program will look at the planet from its very beginnings, consider the origin of life and evolution in its various forms. It will also investigate physical earth, offering an assessment of the planet, its current inhabitants and the biodiversity that support these. We will consider what science might hold for the planet’s future, including examples of how science is already positioned to enhance and help sustain our world. The outstanding roster of speakers offer a broad range of disciplines and experience, together providing an especially exciting and synergistic compilation of knowledge. In keeping with the Molecular Frontiers mission, the program seeks to educate, inspire and share the promise of discovery, to all those who participate.

The Molecular Frontiers symposia especially seek to encourage and foster scientific interest of young people. To ensure as wide an audience as possible, a number of carefully selected student Ambassadors from around the world have been actively spreading the word and engaging colleagues to participate in the program. Those of high school age have been invited to submit possible future earth models that identify opportunities and challenges for the planet going forward. The winning submissions will receive the Molecular Frontiers Journal Award.



➤ Dates and LOCATION

May 9-10, 2019
Aula Magna
Stockholm University
Frescativägen 6, 114 18, Sweden



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Solutions for Future Planet Earth

Molecular Frontiers Journal Student Competition



Prof. frances arnold

Enzymes by Evolution


prof. sandra diaz

The fabric of life and us 


Raphael Domjan

Harnessing science; towards the ends of the earth- at the edge of Space


prof. ben feringa

Planet Earth from the chemistry perspective


Prof. Carl Folke

Natural capital, resilience and biosphere stewardship


Prof. joanna Haigh

Climate change, where the world is heading and how we can stop making things worse

Don Johanson.jpg

Prof. Donald Johanson

Our Place in Nature


Prof. Nick Lane

Why is life the way it is?


Prof. Josef Michl

Photophysics and future energy


Prof. Jack Szostak

The Origin of life on earth revised


Prof. Omar Yaghi

Harvesting water from desert air: Chemistry designs and viable solutions to vexing societal problems